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Ruth Spencer Jolly.


What do you want?

To be creative: bring new content and ideas into the world. To produce art that provides entertainment, stimulates ideas, conversation and maybe if I’m lucky, change.


How do you feel about things?

Things are going better than I could have ever hoped for; I feel like I’m tossing a coin with heads on both sides. I’d like to say I’m a glass-half-full kinda gal but I’m also a pragmatic realist I’m nervously aware that real coins have tails too.


What are you doing?

Spinning multiple plates, as per usual: I’m busy organising the Ruskin Degree Show, working on my contribution for the exhibition, prepping for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries which opens in Liverpool in July and also designing the visuals for an Edinburgh Fringe Production, Pawn.



I ask myself that on a regular basis.


Where do you now live?



For how long? 

Not for much longer, only a matter of months! I’ll miss the city when I leave; I’ve grown tremendously fond of its beauty, its energetic vibe, student theatre, cheap concerts, gloriously quaint pubs and the Ruskin studios. I’m excited about the next step too though; in September I move to Ascot, Berkshire, to take up an Artist in Residence position at St George’s school.


What are your hobbies?

I sing a lot; I like writing music, going to art galleries, the theatre and concerts. My favourite way to spend time though is with friends: there’s nothing I like more than good company.


What are your requirements in a friend?

I give friendship a lot of thought, as it is profoundly important in my life. Beyond trust, honesty, common interests and the like, I define a true friend as someone who brings out the best in me (and visa versa). I’m a flexible personality; I unconsciously and unintentionally behave differently around different people. In some company I recognise aspects of my personality I don’t enjoy being around, whilst with others I become the person I want and hope to be – it’s these people’s company I seek out and define as friends.